About Us

Corporate Culture
  Our business values: "Doing good deeds", "focus on doing things"
  We are embodied in the thoughts and actions of all employees with the craftsmanship spirit of practitioners and explorers of water-based technology, and are integrated into the service and product experience for customers.

    Doing good deeds: Our righteous and altruistic actions.
  Be good with the environment and create green for the environment.
  Be good to customers and create value for customers.
  Be kind with the team and seek happiness for the team.
  Be good with society and contribute to society.

  Focus: Our struggles.
  Focus is professionalism, diligent learning, good thinking and happy behavior.
  Concentration is to be diligent, to unite the mind, and to go all out.
  Focus is the ultimate, innovation is not stopped, innovation is new.
  Focus is minimalism, good quality, and economical.

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